ThevoSmart ONE: Care-Package "Pro"

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  • ThevoautoActiv 800 promotes restful sleep & is suitable for decubitus or pain therapy
  • Relief for family caregivers: always informed about everything, anywhere & anytime
  • Push notifications about the care status come directly to the smartphone or tablet



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Our pro package for home care. This package - consisting of our reliable Thevo autoActiv 800... more
ThevoSmart ONE: Care-Package "Pro"

Our pro package for home care.

This package - consisting of our reliable ThevoautoActiv 800 allround mattress and the digital care assistant ThevoSmart ONE - is our "allround worry-free" solution for home care. The ThevoautoActiv 800 ensures that the user lies soft and moved at the same time thanks to the combination of slat base and mattress core. The even distribution of pressure results in a particularly comfortable lying experience - improving the sleep and well-being of the cared-for person. And thanks to ThevoSmart ONE, family caregivers can rest assured that everything is fine even when you are not at home.

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Currently you can get our pro care package consisting of the ThevoautoActiv 800 allround mattress (RRP: 1398,25€) and the ThevoSmart ONE (RRP: 399,00 €) for the special price of 1398,00€. You save 22% compared to the RRP of 1797,25€.

ThevoautoActiv 800 – the allround mattress

Caring for people who can barely or no longer get out of bed can often be challenging for family members. We developed our ThevoautoActiv 800 especially for people who could develop pressure marks or suffer from severe pain due to their restricted mobility. The movable wing springs of the integrated slat base ensure that users lie still and moved at the same time. They catch the smallest impulses of movement and return them to the body almost imperceptibly in the form of micro-fine counter-movements. Even in difficult phases, the ThevoautoActiv 800 provides a plus in regeneration and quality of life.

What is ThevoSmart ONE?

ThevoSmart ONE is an intelligent bed pad with inwoven, microfine sensors. It automatically alerts as soon as your cared-for person is on a wet surface, leaves the bed or too few of their own movements are registered. The ThevoSmart app* in combination with the sensor mat keeps you informed wherever you are. The easy-to-understand traffic light system shows you at a glance whether there is cause for action. Anywhere. Anytime.

This innovative alerting via the ThevoSmart app* enables targeted care and creates relief, because: You and your loved ones are left with more rest, especially at night, and thus more energy for the following day. Depending on the care situation, further incontinence products can be completely dispensed with, thus maintaining the feeling of independence for longer.

ThevoSmart ONE is hygienic, washable and very easy to use.

*App "ThevoSmart" required. Download from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Why should I use ThevoSmart ONE?

No one can be with the cared-for person around the clock. With ThevoSmart ONE, however, you can always be sure that everything is all right, wherever you are. And if something does happen, you will be informed immediately. All the advantages of ThevoSmart ONE at a glance:

  • Bed exit alarm:
    Helps to minimize the risk of falls and the consequences of accidents.
  • Detection of moisture: 
    Prevents decubitus and increases well-being.
  • Movement registration: 
    Measuring self-motion provides important conclusions about decubitus risk.
  • Reminder of manual bearings: 
    Taking the person's movement into account, there is a reminder on manual bearing.
  • Alarm directly to smartphone or tablet:
    Security and certainty, even when you are not at home.
  • All informed: 
    In the app, any number of observers can be assigned to a cared-for person.
  • Relief for family caregivers: 
    Always informed about everything, no matter where you are.

In addition, the ThevoSmart app gives you access to our extensive information and care network, and you also benefit from our strong partner network.

Technical Data – ThevoSmart ONE

Size approx. 64 x 100cm
Weight 250g
Water absorption up to 700ml/m²
Trigger quantity 10ml
min. body weight 
(for occupancy detection)
Material 67% cotton
30% polyester
3% polyurethan
Washing instructions waschanweisung_artikelbeschreibung_transparentRkclW7qwLFZ3a
Power supply 3x AA mignon batteries, LR6
Power 1,3mW
Protection type IP40
Ambient temperature 0 to +55°C
Battery life approx. 4 months
WLAN connection type 2,4GHz 802.11b/g/n

Package contents

This article contains:

  • 1x ThevoautoActiv 800 allround mattress
  • 1x ThevoSmart ONE bed pad
  • 1x ThevoSmart ONE control box
  • 1x Individual QR-code for the ThevoSmart app
Eigenschaften anzeigen more
Inhalt: 1x ThevoautoActiv 800 Allround-Matratze, 1x Steuerbox inkl. QR-Code zur App-Einrichtung, 1x Matratzenauflage, 1x Gebrauchsanweisung
Maße (Auflage): ca. 64 x 100 cm
Maße (Matratze): je nach Auswahl
Höhe (Matratze): ca. 19 cm
Gewicht (Steuerbox): ca. 270 g
Gewicht (Auflage): ca. 310 g
Gewicht (Matratze): ca. 23 kg
Material (Auflage): 67% Baumwolle, 30% Polyester, 3% Polyurethan
Nutzergewicht: mind. 30 kg (für Belegungserkennung)
Flüssigkeitsaufnahme: bis zu 700 ml/m²
Auslösemenge: 10 ml
Waschbar: Ja (Waschhinweise in der Gebrauchsanweisung)
Spannungsversorgung: 3x AA Mignon Batterien, LR6
Batterielebensdauer: ca. 4 Monate
Leistung: 1,3 mW
Schutzart (Steuerbox): IP40
Umgebungstemperatur: 0 bis +55 °C
WLAN-Verbindung: 2,4 GHz 802.11b/g/n WPA/WPA2 PSK