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Terms of Use for ThevoSmart ONE

The provider of the app is Thomas Hilfen für Körperbehinderte GmbH & Co. Medico KG (hereinafter "Thomashilfen").

The use of the app requires that you agree to the following terms of use. Therefore, please read them carefully.

1. General Information on Usage

Thomashilfen provides the app "ThevoSmart", which enables users to view the usage data collected by the sensor mat (moisture detection, bed absence detection, motion detection, execution of positioning intervals), to manage their own user data as well as that of the cared-for person(s), to link other user accounts with cared-for persons as well as to access external content (care instructions and recommendations).

The app and its functions must not be used in an abusive manner. Please use the app only within the legally permitted scope and according to our terms of use. In case of violation of applicable German law or our terms of use, Thomashilfen reserves the right to exclude you from using the App. This exclusion of use does not release you from the obligation to pay agreed fees or prices.

ThevoSmart ONE by Thomashilfen is a digital supplementary product that offers you and your cared-for person more certainty and overview. However, you still hold the ultimate and full responsibility for the well-being of your cared-for person! You should not exclusively trust or rely on ThevoSmart ONE.

Never attempt to open the control box or expose it to excessive force, e.g. piercing, punching or bending. To prevent overheating, keep the control box away from all heat sources, such as stoves, heaters, and ovens. Also avoid direct sunlight and extremely hot conditions. Do not short-circuit the power connections!

The battery status of the ThevoSmart ONE control box is displayed in the app and must be checked regularly. There are 3 AA batteries inserted, which are sufficient for about 3 months of normal use. When the battery level is low, the left and right LEDs on the control box flash red and orange alternately and you receive a notification on your smartphone.

2. Content accessible via the App

Unless otherwise noted or clearly visible, all content accessible via this app is the property of Thomashilfen and is provided by Thomashilfen or its licensors.

The content contained in the app is restricted to personal use, unless there are legal exceptions. By downloading the app, you do not acquire any copyrights or commercial property rights to the contents of the app.

Thomashilfen is not responsible for the content, accuracy, legality and functionality of third party websites that may be accessible via links from the app. Page calls via links are made at your own risk.

3. Registration / Creation of a User Account

To use the app, you must register and create a user account by providing all required data or information (mandatory fields) fully and truthfully. The service is only available to registered users.

The user must ensure that the login data to his user account is kept confidential and secure. Upon registration, the user agrees to be responsible for all actions that occur in connection with his username and password.

Users are required to notify Thomashilfen immediately and unambiguously via the contact information provided in this document if they believe that their personal information, including user accounts, login data or personal data, has been breached, unlawfully disclosed or stolen.

4. Termination of the User Account

The user may terminate his user account at any time by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The termination of the user account does not release the user from outstanding payment obligations.

5. Warranty & Liability

Thomashilfen is not liable for disruptions in the quality of access due to force majeure or due to events for which Thomashilfen is not responsible, in particular the failure of communication networks and gateways. Thomashilfen does not warrant that the app will function without interruption or error and that any errors will be corrected. Furthermore, Thomashilfen does not warrant the suitability of the app for your purposes.

Thomashilfen is not liable for the accuracy, reliability, completeness and actuality of the contents of the app, nor for any damages arising therefrom, unless such damages were caused by Thomashilfen intentionally or through gross negligence. This applies to all types of damages, especially damages that may result from errors, delays or interruptions in transmission, in case of malfunctions of technical equipment and services, incorrect content, omissions, loss or deletion of data, viruses or in any other way when using this app. Thomashilfen is furthermore not liable for the availability and functionality of offered functions.

6. Other

The Thomashilfen Privacy Policy applies. Thomashilfen is constantly working to optimize its services. Therefore, Thomashilfen reserves the right to add or remove functions and features and possibly introduce new limitations to the services and functions. You may stop using the app at any time. Thomashilfen reserves the right to change and adapt the terms of use. You will be informed about this in an appropriate manner.

The terms and conditions of Thomashilfen continue to apply.