FAQ ThevoSmart ONE (EN)

First Operation

How do I find the ThevoSmart App?

You can download the app for free on the Apple App Store or the Google PlayStore.

Do I have to register to use the App?

Yes, registering is needed to use the app. You also need the QR code on the back of your ThevoSmart ONE device to register your system in the app.

What is the WPS Button on the router?

Most WIFI routers have a button with the letters WPS on it. Press it until either the button or the according LED on the router lights up. Next, you have to start the WPS connection on the ThevoSmart ONE control unit. Please refer to the manual. The control unit will now automatically pair with your WIFI router.

If you can not find such a button on your router, please refer to the manual for pairing your device manually.


I do not get alarms - whats going wrong?

If you do not receive any alarms, please check whether both the mobile device and ThevoSmart ONE have an active internet connection. Next, please check if notifications from ThevoSmart are activated in your mobile devices settings.

How do I connect to public WIFI networks; e. g. in Hotels?

Most public networks use a certain kind of registering-protocol that is not supported by ThevoSmart ONE.

Can I try out the app for free before? Where can I find the app?

Yes, you can download the ThevoSmart App for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. After the download you have to register as a user. You can then view a demo. This is an illustrated preview to give you an idea of what to expect after registering a ThevoSmart Sensor-Mat. You also have access to the menu in the demo view.

Do I have to register in the app?

Yes, but you can find more information concerning care in the demo view via the menu.

Do I already have to buy or own a ThevoSmart One?

No, you can also try out the ThevoSmart App without a ThevoSmart Sensor-Mat.

How do I lay the cable for the control box in bed?

The ThevoSmart ONE control box must be placed under or next to the bed in such a way that no danger can arise from the cable.
It is safer to place the bed pad so that the cable is routed on the side of the bed that is not the patient's main exit side.
Also run the cable along the inside of the bed and do not run it along the outside, so that there is no risk of falling.

Is there a bed mount for the control box?
Can I also use the Sensor-Mat on a motor frame?

Yes, the ThevoSmart Sensor-Mat can also be used with an adjustable slatted frame or adjustable slat base.

How should the Sensor-Mat be placed in the bed?

The usual placement in everyday care is in the buttocks area as the top layer on the sheet/bed sheet. The white cotton side must face up, the blue side down.
You can also place the bed pad under the sheet – this way you avoid that the bed pad loses its position. In this case, please note that the moisture alarm may be delayed.


There are three conceivable scenarios in everyday care:

1) Focus on moisture and bed escape
With the usual placement you have a safe overview of the two functions moisture/incontinence and bed escape.

2) Focus on bed escape
If you have a person in need of care who is frequently out of bed but is not incontinent, the optimal position for the bed pad is in the back area under the top sheet. In this way you avoid that the bed pad slips due to frequent getting up/going to bed.

3) Focus on moisture
Place the bed pad in the buttocks area as the top layer, i.e. on the bed sheet. This is the optimal position if you are caring for a person in need of care who does not leave the bed so often.

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