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Questions about the product

Does my mobile device have to stay in the same WIFI as the sensor?
No. The control box and your mobile device do not have to be connected to the same WIFI network. Once the setup is done, you will receive notifications wherever you are, be it the garden or shopping. All you need is a working internet connection.
Is the ThevoSmart ONE sensor mat washable?
Yes. The ThevoSmart ONE sensor mat was tested with professional cleaners. It is washable at 95° Celsius, machine dryable and can be ironed.
Is the ThevoSmart ONE sensor mat skin-friendly?
Yes. The ThevoSmart ONE sensor mat was developed for ideal skin friendliness. The surface is made of 100% cotton and the rear side consists of a cotton-polyester mix with a breathable membrane. The sensor thread is extremely thin and can not be felt through the fabric.
How much liquid can the ThevoSmart ONE sensor mat absorb?
The ThevoSmart ONE sensor mat absorbs up to 700ml/m² of liquid.
Can the ThevoSmart ONE sensor mat be used for children?
Yes. The ThevoSmart ONE sensor mat can be used for children, if they weigh more than 30kg.
How often can I wash the ThevoSmart ONE sensor mat?
The amount of wash cycles is comparable to non-smart bed mats. We recommend exchanging the ThevoSmart ONE sensor mat after 150 wash cycles to guarantee error free operation.
Do I have to buy a whole set for additional ThevoSmart ONE sensor mats?
No. If you have already bought the ThevoSmart ONE set, you can purchase additional ThevoSmart ONE sensor mats through our online shop.
How fast does the system send an alarm?
An alarm will be send after 10 seconds on average. The system checks for status changes every 4 seconds and sends an immediate alarm if a change is detected.
Do I still need additional padding?
This depends on your current habits. If you usually use bed paddings alone, you can continue to do so. However, ThevoSmart ONE is designed to replace those pads completely, as the alarm prevents the patient from laying on a wet surface for too long. Especially in the beginning, when incontinence is an irregular issue, ThevoSmart ONE can be used to keep up the independency of a patient for as long as possible.
Does the ThevoSmart ONE sensor mat also react to sweat or other liquids?
The ThevoSmart ONE sensor mat does not react to regular sweating, as its fabric is breathable. The alarm is sent, when the ThevoSmart ONE sensor mat is wet and therefore unpleasant for the patient. ThevoSmart ONE differentiates between moist (yellow alarm) and wet (red alarm).
Is there a body weight limit?
No, there are no restrictions for higher weight classes.
Can the Sensor-Mat be used for storage?
Yes, the ThevoSmart Sensor-Mat can be used to support the patient. This is also implemented in some nursing homes.
Can I also place the bed pad under the sheet?
Yes, the ThevoSmart Sensor-Mat can also be placed under the sheet. However, the Sensor-Mat will probably react a little later in the humidity function than when the Sensor-Mat is placed directly on the sheet and under the person.
Can I also place the bed pad under the sheet?
Yes, the ThevoSmart Sensor-Mat can also be placed under the sheet. However, the Sensor-Mat will probably react a little later in the humidity function than when the Sensor-Mat is placed directly on the sheet and under the person.
What can I do if the Sensor-Mat keeps slipping?
Unfortunately, as with other bed pads, slipping of the Sensor-Mat can hardly be avoided, so that the Sensor-Mat has to be straightened or smoothed out before returning to bed. It is not intended to use so-called wings to give the bed pad more support, as this causes a slightly harder comfort of lying and is not optimal for patients with skin problems. If necessary, place the bed pad under the bed sheet (see question How should the mat be placed in the bed?).
Does the box signal an alarm when the battery is low?
Yes, when the battery level is low, the red and orange LEDs on the control box will flash alternately.
How do I set the times in the app?
In the ThevoSmart App you have the option of setting an alarm delay per patient. To do this, go to the menu point Settings and then select the corresponding patient. You can then select an alarm delay for the yellow and red traffic lights.
How are the times calculated when the patient gets out of bed?

If you configure an alarm delay in the patient settings, please note that the set values of the yellow and red indicator lights are added together. For example, if you specify a delay of 10 minutes for yellow and 30 minutes for red, you will receive a push notification for a change of status yellow after 10 minutes and a push notification for a change of status red after 40 minutes.
In the app, the yellow indicator light would already be displayed after 3 minutes at the latest, even if the push notification will be sent with the desired delay.

Does the system react immediately to moisture or can I adjust it?

The ThevoSmart Sensor-Mat signals the moisture when at least 10ml of liquid has been spilled on the bed pad. You cannot define any limit values yourself.

Is there a warning when the Sensor-Mat is disconnected from the control box?
Yes, you will receive an indication in the ThevoSmart App as well as a push notification that you need to check the plug-in connection.
Does the caregiver (observer) also have to download and register the app?
Yes, if you are invited as a caregiver, you must download the ThevoSmart App and register as a user. After registering, you can log in as a caregiver by entering the code you received by e-mail (note: the code is only valid for 180 minutes after receipt – after this time the main user must invite you again).
Can the caregiver (observer) make settings in the app afterwards? To which data/information does he have access?

As a caregiver you can only change the patient's call name, which is then displayed in your overview. This means that you do not change the call name for the main user or other caregivers.
As a caregiver you will receive push notifications when the patients status changes. As a caregiver, you can view the app content, but you cannot make any changes.

Is ThevoSmart ONE a medical device?

No, ThevoSmart ONE is not a medical device.

Is ThevoSmart ONE covered by health insurance?
No. ThevoSmart ONE is not listed in the medical devices directory. Please clarify any subsidies or possible care budgets with your health insurance consultant.
Can I use ThevoSmart ONE in a nursing home?
Yes, you can. Please note that ThevoSmart ONE is not a medical device and may not be used for the diagnosis or treatment of diseases. The technical requirement is WLAN availability.
Can I remove myself as a caregiver?
No, only the main user who sent the invitation can do this. As a caregiver, please contact the main user.
How long does the battery last?
The control unit works on AA batteries. The battery life depends on how many alarms are sent per day and/or night, but averages at around 4 months.
When is an alarm triggered?

Moisture function: From a liquid quantity of approximately 10ml.

Bed Exit function: The bed occupancy notification occurs after approximately 10 seconds. The bed exit time depends on the selected settings. Preset is no delay, so that there will be a notification about the bed exit after approximately 10 seconds (yellow traffic light). A further alarm is issued after 10 minutes if the person has not yet returned to bed (red traffic light). For the yellow as well as red traffic light you have the possibility to set an alarm delay yourself.

Movement function: If too few of the person's own movements are registered, a notification is sent.

Positioning function: You have the option of defining a positioning interval yourself. This selected setting is decisive for the alarm.

First Operation

How do I find the ThevoSmart App?
You can download the app for free on the Apple App Store or the Google PlayStore.
Do I have to register to use the App?
Yes, registering is needed to use the app. You also need the QR code on the back of your ThevoSmart ONE device to register your system in the app.
What is the WPS Button on the router?

Most WIFI routers have a button with the letters WPS on it. Press it until either the button or the according LED on the router lights up. Next, you have to start the WPS connection on the ThevoSmart ONE control unit. Please refer to the manual. The control unit will now automatically pair with your WIFI router.

If you can not find such a button on your router, please refer to the manual for pairing your device manually.

I do not get alarms - whats going wrong?

If you do not receive any alarms, please check whether both the mobile device and ThevoSmart ONE have an active internet connection. Next, please check if notifications from ThevoSmart are activated in your mobile devices settings.

How do I connect to public WIFI networks; e. g. in Hotels?
Most public networks use a certain kind of registering-protocol that is not supported by ThevoSmart ONE.
Can I try out the app for free before? Where can I find the app?
Yes, you can download the ThevoSmart App for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. After the download you have to register as a user. You can then view a demo. This is an illustrated preview to give you an idea of what to expect after registering a ThevoSmart Sensor-Mat. You also have access to the menu in the demo view.
Do I have to register in the app?
Yes, but you can find more information concerning care in the demo view via the menu.
Do I already have to buy or own a ThevoSmart One?
No, you can also try out the ThevoSmart App without a ThevoSmart Sensor-Mat.
How do I lay the cable for the control box in bed?

The ThevoSmart ONE control box must be placed under or next to the bed in such a way that no danger can arise from the cable.
It is safer to place the bed pad so that the cable is routed on the side of the bed that is not the patient's main exit side.
Also run the cable along the inside of the bed and do not run it along the outside, so that there is no risk of falling.

Is there a bed mount for the control box?
No, there is currently no bed mount for the control box.
Can I also use the Sensor-Mat on a motor frame?
Yes, the ThevoSmart Sensor-Mat can also be used with an adjustable slatted frame or adjustable slat base.
How should the Sensor-Mat be placed in the bed?

The usual placement in everyday care is in the buttocks area as the top layer on the sheet/bed sheet. The white cotton side must face up, the blue side down.
You can also place the bed pad under the sheet – this way you avoid that the bed pad loses its position. In this case, please note that the moisture alarm may be delayed.


There are three conceivable scenarios in everyday care:

1) Focus on moisture and bed escape
With the usual placement you have a safe overview of the two functions moisture/incontinence and bed escape.

2) Focus on bed escape
If you have a person in need of care who is frequently out of bed but is not incontinent, the optimal position for the bed pad is in the back area under the top sheet. In this way you avoid that the bed pad slips due to frequent getting up/going to bed.

3) Focus on moisture
Place the bed pad in the buttocks area as the top layer, i.e. on the bed sheet. This is the optimal position if you are caring for a person in need of care who does not leave the bed so often.

Order & Shipping

Are there additional costs within Germany?
We ship ThevoSmart free of charge within Germany.
What areas do we ship to? Where can Thomashilfen products be bought?
We are currently only shipping to Germany. For inquiries from other countries, please contact us directly. Thomashilfen has a wide network of partners all around the globe. We will make sure to either send you a quote or get you in contact with your local representative.
How fast will I get my products?
The shipment will be delivered to you within 3 to 8 business days. We are doing our best to get your Thomashilfen product to you as soon as possible.
My parcel was damaged. What do I do now?
If the packaging is damaged, please take photos of the packaging that clearly show the damaged parts before opening it. If the product is (also) damaged, please take pictures as well and send them to us by e-mail. We will make sure to resolve the issue as soon as possible.
Cancellation policy

It is your right to cancel your order from an online shop within 14 days after purchase. If you decide to do so, we kindly ask you to use our Withdrawal Form and send it to us via e-mail or post. We will get in contact with you to arrange everything.

More detailed information on your rights can be found in our Terms and Conditions.

I do not like the product I bought. How can I return it?

Please contact us and let us know, what it is that you do not like about your ordered products. Maybe we can find a solution that suits you. If not, please use our Withdrawal Form, as mentioned above, to arrange a return.

Can I put my control box in the nightstand?

When choosing a location for the control box, you must ensure that you have an unobstructed radio connection. Therefore, do not use it in a cupboard or metal housings.

Payment & Special Offers

Payment Methods
We offer several payment methods, e.g. payment in advance, credit card (MasterCard, VISA), Paypal and instant bank transfer.
How to use a coupon or gift certificate
You can enter your code in the payment process. The amount will automatically be deducted from your final price. All coupons are only valid for one purchase, unless otherwise exclaimed.

Smart Home

Can I connect my voice assistant (e. g. Amazon Echo) to ThevoSmart ONE?
Yes. The Alexa skill “ThevoSmart” by Thomashilfen is available. Activate in your Alexa app and follow the instructions to get status updates about the person in need of care from your Echo device. Currently we do not support other voice assistants.