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ThevoSmart – The Alexa-Skill

Introducing ThevoSmart, a free skill for your Amazon voice assistant. The skill gives you the ability to easily check on the status of your family member in need of care by voice command. It's an easy way to quickly feel a bit safer when looking at your smartphone might be out of the question.

To use the Skill, you need a ThevoSmart sensor pad and a user account that you link to the Skill - and it's ready to go.

Query the status of one or all connected persons

To have the current status announced to you, say for example:

"Alexa, ask ThevoSmart how is grandma"*.

If you manage multiple ThevoSmart sensor records, you can have the status of all care profiles announced to you with just one voice command. To do this, say:

"Alexa, ask ThevoSmart, how is the status of my care".

Important: This skill is not an emergency call system and does not send notifications. It only reflects the status of the care recipient linked to your ThevoSmart system when you activate the skill and actively request the status via their voice assistant.

*enter the name of the person in need of care here, as you entered it in the field "Nickname" in the care profile. If you do not use the optional field, use the name from the "Name" field.

Possible questions:

  • - Alexa, ask ThevoSmart, how is grandma?

  • - Alexa, ask ThevoSmart, in what state is grandma?

  • - Alexa, ask ThevoSmart, status of grandma?

  • - Alexa, ask ThevoSmart, how is the status of my care?

How do I install the skill on Alexa?

Step 1

Open Alexa App

Step 2

Click on the menu icon

Step 3

Select skills and games

Step 4

Use search function or select category

Step 5

Tap on skill and click on "Enable to use“

Step 6

The skill is now installed.

Step 7

Finally, you need to link your ThevoSmart user account.

Step 8

Please follow the instructions in the Alexa app.

Step 9

You can find your activated skills in the top right corner under "Your Skills".

How do I install the skill via voice command?

The ThevoSmart skill, like most skills, can be easily installed via voice command. The voice command is: "Start ThevoSmart".

Privacy with Amazon Alexa

In the Alexa privacy settings or in the Alexa app, you can view, listen to and delete your voice recordings at any time or disable the voice recording storage option. To delete a recording via voice command, simply ask your Echo "Alexa, delete everything I've said today." Alexa will ask you to confirm before doing so.

Click here for the privacy guidelines