Additional Bed Pad

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The bed pad that detects moisture & bed absence. With this additional bed pad, you do not have... more
Additional Bed Pad

The bed pad that detects moisture & bed absence.

With this additional bed pad, you do not have to give up the advantages of ThevoSmart ONE if the "first" bed pad is washed due to wetness or soiling. Simply replace the bed pads and connect the existing ThevoSmart ONE control box - and your system is ready for use again. Required for use is a ThevoSmart ONE control box and the ThevoSmart app on your smartphone or tablet.

How does ThevoSmart ONE work?

The sensors of the bed pad record the data of the cared-for person and send you a message as soon as the person leaves the bed, moisture is detected on the sensor mat, or too little of the person's own movements are registered. You receive all messages on your mobile smartphone or tablet and are always well informed, no matter where you are. 

Why should I use ThevoSmart ONE?

No one can be with the cared-for person around the clock. With ThevoSmart ONE, however, you can always be sure that everything is all right, wherever you are. And if something does happen, you will be informed immediately. All the advantages of ThevoSmart ONE at a glance:

  • Bed exit alarm:
    Helps to minimize the risk of falls and the consequences of accidents.
  • Detection of moisture: 
    Prevents decubitus and increases well-being.
  • Movement registration: 
    Measuring self-motion provides important conclusions about decubitus risk.
  • Reminder of manual bearings: 
    Taking the person's movement into account, there is a reminder on manual bearing.
  • Alarm directly to smartphone or tablet:
    Security and certainty, even when you are not at home.
  • All informed: 
    In the app, any number of observers can be assigned to a cared-for person.
  • Relief for family caregivers: 
    Always informed about everything, no matter where you are.

In addition, the ThevoSmart app gives you access to our extensive information and care network, and you also benefit from our strong partner network.

Technical Data

Size approx. 64 x 100cm
Weight 250g
Water absorption up to 700ml/m²
Trigger quantity 10ml
min. body weight
(for occupancy detection)
Material 67% cotton
30% polyester
3% polyurethan
Washing instructions waschanweisung_artikelbeschreibung_transparentRkclW7qwLFZ3a

Package contents

Thias article contains: 

  • 1x ThevoSmart ONE bed pad
Eigenschaften anzeigen more
Inhalt: 1x Matratzenauflage
Maße: ca. 64 x 100 cm
Gewicht: ca. 310 g
Material: 67% Baumwolle, 30% Polyester, 3% Polyurethan
Nutzergewicht: mind. 30 kg (für Belegungserkennung)
Flüssigkeitsaufnahme: bis zu 700 ml/m²
Auslösemenge: 10 ml
Waschbar: Ja (Waschhinweise in der Gebrauchsanweisung)